Mess up

When I looked through my Affin Bank statement, I realised a discrepancy.

There was this item: Rm20, annual fee for Debit Card.

Affin Bank Debit Card

Weird. I did not own a debit card from any bank, let alone Affin Bank. Why was there such an entry?

I went to the bank to enquire about it.

The staff there too could not understand why there was such an entry. It was brought to a senior staff attention.

A phone call subsequently was placed to the Debit Card department, HQ.

The staff: You have a debit card with Affin Bank, since 2008

Me: Six years? I never have such a card

The staff: You have never use it. In fact, the card was never activated.

Me: You mean probably in all practical sense, I never did receive it.

The staff: That might be possible.

Me: If that was the situation, why I have not noticed it for the past 6 years?

The staff: The debit card had a ‘fee waiver’ for the first five years. Thus on the sixth year only, you will be billed.

Me: ……..

This must be a joke. A total mess up.

Sony Xperia Tablet : Repair and Updated

About 2 weeks ago, my kids told me: Dad, the Sony Xperia tablet is faulty. We can’t charge its battery.

I checked. Indeed. The indicator did not turn on after I plugged in the charger.

On further inspection, the USB port for charging seemed …. loose. It could not connect properly to the charging cable. After gingerly adjusting the cable, the tablet managed to be charged for a while before it stopped again.

We decided to bring the Xperia tablet to its service centre. At this point, I was happy that such incident happened ten months after I purchased the unit, which meant it was still under warranty! Phew.

The guy at the service counter concurred with my finding: The charging port did not seem to be working.

He wrote me a service order, and give me a tentative service period of 2 weeks.

Thus I was pleasantly surprise when I got a phone call telling me that the repair was done, on the 9th day. That was fast service.

When I collect the tablet, immediately I noticed the difference. The interface had been changed.

xperia tablet service and firmware update

It looked … new!

Reading through the service order, I saw that they changed the mainboard, and updated the firmware.

Change mainboard! Wow. Luckily it was not done at my expense. Would have cost me a bomb.

Anyway, I really like the new firmware. The most noticeable thing that is new:

xperia tablet service update firmware

Yes. Now it acquired the ability to ‘double-tap to wake up device’, which was obviously not found in its previous firmware. Very convenient indeed.

Now if you would excuse me, I need to go to download all the apps into the tablet ….

Chocolate Museum Kota Damansara

It is only through wife accidentally read someone’s blog that we realise there is such a museum.

Chocolate Museum Kota Damansara

This Museum is being setup by Fidani.
Apparently, this museum is open 365 days in a year. Yes. Even on Public Holidays. Entrance is totally free.
So what are you waiting for?

Chocolate Museum Kota Damansara

Upon entrance, you will see this as part of the decoration.

Chocolate Museum Kota Damansara

Being a museum, you can’t escape the row-upon-row of display board, detailing the history of human making and indulging in chocolates. A very interesting read.

Chocolate Museum Kota Damansara

Everyday at 12 noon and 3 pm, there will be a session demonstrating how chocolates are being hand-made.
A guy will be giving the talk while the other guy busy mixing and hammering around.

After the session, those chocolates are being distributed free to the audience.
Yes. You read me right.
It is a free demonstration with free chocolates!

Chocolate Museum Kota Damansara

Of course, they also have display a machine which is the ‘normal way’ for chocolates industry making chocolates.

Chocolate Museum Kota Damansara

After the demonstration, you are ‘urged’ to visit the SHOP beside the demonstration area.

Chocolate Museum Kota Damansara

There are more than 100 types of chocolates being displayed here. I am sure you will be able to find something you like

For those who are interested, the address:

No2, Jalan Teknologi 3/5, Selangor Science Park 1, Kota Damansara.

Opening Hours: 10am – 5pm

Tel: 03-74904260

Sharp LED TV LC60LE640X (part 2)

This is a continuation of my review on my new Sharp 60″ LED TV LC60LE640X.

4) Instead of my ‘conventional way’ of attaching a media box to the TV, with the new TV, I can just attach a harddisk directly to the USB port to view all the content.

For video files, a few formats are supported.

I presume .avi file will be supported without any problem.

.mp4 .mpg never seem to have problem.

Frankly, I have not tested any .mov

Now it comes to : .mkv

All the Mandarin / Cantonese / English / Korean / Japan movies and series in .mkv do not have problem. All play without any hitch on this TV. Amazing.
For whatever reason, anime seems to be a different kettle of fish.
Quite a few anime encoded in .mkv could not be played. Scratch head.
Do people encode anime differently?

Anyway, I am still pleasantly surprise by the ability of the TV to handle all those kinds of media, considering that my previous dedicated media player could handle less than half of those medias.

5) About Astro.
I guess I should write a few lines about Astro B.yond HD

Naturally, with my previous TV, I did not subscribe to the HD channel.
So what if I want to subscribe to it? How should I configure the box and TV?

Firstly, if you normally connect to the set-top-box using the normal Red, White and Yellow (Composite) cables, you need to switch off the set-top-box, plug in your HDMI cable to your box and your TV.

Now switch on your set-top-box and your TV.
When you switch to the appropriate HDMI channel, you should press “HOME” on your Astro Decoder Remote Controller.

If you can see the Astro Home Screen, you are already halfway to success.

Go to Settings: Installation Settings

It will ask you for Installation PIN. Don’t get worried. The PIN is : 0000

Go to TV Settings.

astro beyond HD configuration

For TV type, choose: High Definition
For TV aspect ratio, choose: 16:9


But what if, when you go to HDMI mode, there isn’t any image when you press HOME?

Be aware that to view Astro content through HDMI option, you NEED to subcribe to HD channel. Simply having an Astro B.yond box does not mean that you can use the HDMI option.
If you are indeed subscribe to HD channel, yet cannot view it on your HDMI channel, try this:
With your composite cables still connected, go to your ‘normal TV channel’ which you used to watch Astro content. Press HOME here.
Do all the setting in this mode. After you are done, now when you go back to your HDMI viewing mode, you should already be able to see the image.
Hopefully this help.

Anak East Coast 1952 SS2

Though Anak East Coast (SS2) is rather near to my house, it never strike me to have my meal there, for the reason:
There doesn’t seem to be a parking space near the shop!

Well, now that it is coming up with Groupon, why not? Lets give it a try.

The decoration is quite cosy.

anak east coast ss2

anak east coast ss2

anak east coast ss2

anak east coast ss2

Nasi dagang. This is really tasty. They manage to make the sauce just right, with East Coast flavour. The fish texture is exactly like what we would expect when we dine in east coast.
Highly recommended.

anak east coast ss2

Hainanese Fried Noodles. Better than expected, though not superb.

anak east coast ss2

Fresh Prawn Dumpling Noodles.
This I would not recommend to you.
Plenty of stalls in Sea Park / SS2 can do better.

anak east coast ss2

Barley fu chuk gingko (hot).
Sigh. I am very particular about Barley Fu Chuk.
Wife has experimented various way of perfecting the taste. Thus this bowl of dessert really isn’t up to its mark.

anak east coast ss2

Ginger soya milk with rice balls.
This is not bad though. Worth a try.

Pineapple with lemon. A total waste of money, in my opinion.
anak east coast ss2

Yes. Definitely would come back, for more of
Signature nasi dagang RM8.50
Nasi kerabu RM12.50
Nasi lemak with chicken RM8
Signature Thai laksa

No 59, Jalan SS 2/46 Petaling Jaya, 47300

TNB Box (Substation) On Fire

It appeared to be a quiet afternoon.

I was surfing the net quietly. If someone would just pour me a cup of coffee, it will complete the picture. (Big smile there)

All of a sudden, there was an explosion. Booommm. A electric dip occurred, and all the light seemed to dim for a split second.

After a couple of seconds, another explosion. Boooomm.

Now my door was filled with smoke.

What happened?

We ran to have a look. It appeared that the TNB Box beside our shop was having problem.

Thick smoke was seen escaping the power substation.

Another two explosions followed. Boooom Booom.

By then, the smoke covered the whole block of buildings.

According to the shop owner (directly adjacent to this substation), a called had been made to TNB when he first sensed the acrid smell, which was 20 minutes before the explosion.

A call was made to BOMBA immediately.

A fire truck arrived within five minutes. Wow. Kudos to BOMBA. Fast response!

TNB power station on fire

The firemen observed for a couple of seconds, and bring down a chainsaw.

This was getting exciting, just as we were watching a movie. He started the chainsaw, and started to saw open the box. Sparks flew everywhere.

(Sorry. I don’t dare to stand too near. Could not get a clearer view)

After the box was opened, they proceed to spray a generous amount of white power onto it from a fire extinguisher.
Immediately the fire was put off.

After a couple of minutes, they sprayed another round of chemicals. Sppppppiiiiiittttzzzzz

After all said and done, everyone waited for the arrival of TNB staff.

Oh? Yeah. The TNB guy were nowhere to be seen.

Tick tock tick tock.

Another 20 minutes. Firemen waiting on their truck. We waited in our shop. TNB was yet to be seen.


Hillside Homestay Kuantan Photo Link

We found out that on a mobile apps, there isn’t a way to view all the photo albums for Hillside Homestay Kuantan.

We hereby create a link.

Hillside Homestay Kuantan with its interior view

View from Balcony

Fee and Steps in Booking

Favourite Tourist Spots

Hopefully with this, it will simplified your search and browsing of our site.


Tag: Homestay, Kuantan

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Sharp LED TV LC60LE640X (part 1)

Sharp LED TV LC60LE640X

I have been using this Sharp 60 inches LED TV LC60LE640X for a month now.

First and foremost, I must make it clear that this is my First LED TV. (Yes. I am THAT outdated).
My previous TV was a Samsung slimfit 32″ TV.
So using this TV is a huge leap in technology for me.
I am still trying to figure out a lot of things even after one month.

Oh. Before I forget to mention, I must state that:
I do not use my TV to watch terrestrial stations. No TV1 / TV2 / NTV 7 / 8TV / TV9

I have suspended my Astro TV account.

Naturally, my TV is only used to watch content I downloaded: Hong Kong TV series, Anime, Korean TV Series, and some movies.

Lets start with the good points.

1) Big and clear
As expected, the first impression when switching from a 32″ to 60″ LED TV is: Big and clear
Everything seems so bright and clear now.
Reading subtitles, which used to be quite tiring after a while, now becomes effortless.

Of course. If we try to view anything of 480p, it looks blurry. That is to be expected, right? The TV isn’t build to view such content.
When we view any content with 720p or 1080p, it is very clear.

2) Adjustment
On the web, we can find a lot of advice on how to tune the TV.
We are just plain lazy. Yes. Lazy as that.
We just go to the “AV mode”, click on the “USER”, find that the picture quality suits us, and that’s it. Have been using it since then.

3) Since we are using the TV for content downloaded off the web, naturally we are connecting a harddisk to the TV.
If you are hanging the TV on the wall with a wall bracket, I recommend that you read the manual and look at all the connection possible.
Buy those cables before the TV arrive.
When the technician unbox the TV, immediately plug in those cables.
You do not want to take down the TV every time you want to add a new cable to the back panel, right?

Anyway, we use a 5-feet harddisk connecting cable to plug into the slot labeled “USB 3″ (HDD).
Plug the harddisk into other USB slot might work, but on occasions we found the harddisk stop responding.
I guess it is better to use the USB 3 for harddisk, as intended.

Oh. Try not to use a USB extender cable. The harddisk probably will be under-powered, and won’t respond properly too.

Snow White’s Seven Patches: A Vitiligo Fairy Tale

This is a book review, for Snow White’s Seven Patches: A Vitiligo Fairy Tale.

Snow White's Seven Patches: A Vitiligo Fairy Tale

Snow White’s Seven Patches: A Vitiligo Fairy Tale

When my 10-year-old daughter first saw the book cover, she gushed: Wow. Nice.

But when she flipped to the first page and looked at the drawing, she said: Eww. Scary.

What puzzled her most was the illustration of Snow White. She couldn’t stop asking: Snow White is supposed to be white? Why different now?

Even harder to answer would be the meaning of those white patches and vitiligo.

So I guess this is a book that need the involvement of parents. We need to sit down with our kids and explain those things. Stress to them what Ivy did was wrong. Snow White did not need to live in seclusion. There is nothing wrong to have vitiligo and yet live a normal life.