Xiaomi Redmi Note 2, after 2 months

Instead of the normal ‘review after open the box’, I decided to write a review after using a Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 for two months.

Am I happy with the phone? Yes, as a short answer.

The phone operation is smooth, for daily usage. I don’t play much game on my phone, thus I would not be taxing its gaming ability at all.

What do I use it for?

After I used it for a couple of days, and found that the size and the weight was ‘just right’, I started reading novels on it.
Yes, I downloaded novels in TXT format, and use FBReader (app) to read.

Fbreader xiaomi redmi note 2

I have read an English novel 689 pages, and a Mandarin novel 9,000 pages on the phone.
Guess I am sufficiently adapted to the screen to comment on it.

a) The screen brightness is just right. Not too glaring, and not too dark. Just nice, as a ebook reader.
b) The app is quite user friendly. Easy to use, easy to insert Bookmark.

The second most-used app I guess would be the camera.
Though the camera is bright and sharp enough. personally I find that Oppo Find 7 / 7a has a better camera (optimisation).

I decided to test out Google Map during my recent trip to Melaka.
I relied totally on the Google Map when I was walking around town, switching it to the ‘walk’ mode.
The app really delivered as promised. It generally managed to bring me successfully within 2 meters to the doorstep of any destination I searched.
Brilliant! No need to ask around for direction any more.

Wi-Fi connection for the phone is good.
It can achieve reasonable speed of connection even at area with poor Wi-Fi signal.

The battery is reasonable.
With a bit of Plant vs Zombie 2, reading for a couple of hours, Facebook continously, it can last through the whole day without problem.

Waze? I will write another blog post about Waze the next time.

Exporting Contacts on Android Phone

As I have bought a Xiaomi Phone for my son, I need to move the Contacts from the old phone to his new phone.

Time to revisit how to do it.

1) The most famous way being advertised repeatedly is : To sync with your Google account.
Personally, I find it unreliable (it works sometimes but not all the time).

2) Export it.
I would suggest this way. Efficient, reliable, and foolproof.

First, go to your Contacts screen.
Press on the Menu button.
A screen similar to this will be shown.

moving contacts to new android phone

Here, you have the option of Export to: USB storage, SD card or Sim card
I would personally advise exporting to SD card (if that is availble)

Click on it, wait for a few minutes, and it is done.

Slot your SD card into the new phone, reverse the process, and all your contacts will be restored.

Why is it better to use Export rather than to sync with Google?

Let me list down the benefit.

1) If you have setup the phone as I did, which is to create a dedicated album in the SD card, and store all the profile photo for the contacts within that album, once you restore the contacts this way, ALL the profile photos will be correctly pointed to the phone numbers. No extra effort needed to match those photos again. A real time saver.

2) Interestingly, all the Reminders you have painstakingly set up in your old phone will be moved to the new phone too. I find it really amazing. No need to click through the Calendar to set up it again.

Try it next time you change your Android phone. Probably you will like it as I do.

Xiaomi Redmi 2

As son has been wanting a new phone for ages, I decided to get him a Redmi 2 from Xiami Malaysia.

Some specs regarding the phone:
8MP backside illuminated (BSI) camera
4.7″ fully laminated IPS HD display
2GB RAM (Enhanced)
Qualcomm Snapdragon 410, 64 bit

As usual the service from Xiaomi is very fast. Two days after we put in the order, the delivery man already delivered the good to our door step.

xiaomi redmi 2

When I started the phone up, I must say I like the display. Not too bright. Just nice.

Some of the apps bundled:

xiaomi redmi 2

xiaomi redmi 2

Well, to test out the connectivity and display, I decided to use Youtube.

It connected real fast to Youtube. The search was done within one second.

xiaomi redmi 2

The image? As well as can be expected of the phone, considering its price. Pleasant surprise.

xiaomi redmi 2

All in all, I am quite satisfied with this Rm459 phone.

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Pelicana Chicken Malaysia, Atria Shopping Gallery

Walking around the top floor of Atria Shopping Gallery looking for food was a nice experience. So much of variety.
After going round and round, we decided that we should try out Pelicana Chicken, from Korea.

Pelicana Chicken Malaysia Atria Shopping Gallery

Pelicana Chicken Malaysia Atria Shopping Gallery

While we were browsing the menu, the big screen on the wall caught my attention.
Wow. That was definitely the famous Korean group Sistar doing their gig! Fuh. All attention suddenly focused on the screen ^_^

Pelicana Chicken Malaysia Atria Shopping Gallery

Never realise that Pelicana Chicken has such a famous ambassador!

Pelicana Chicken Malaysia Atria Shopping Gallery

Upon checking their Facebook page, I realise that My Love From The Star actually ordered from Pelicana Chicken.
(Photo lifted directly from their page)

Pelicana Chicken Malaysia Atria Shopping Gallery

So how is the food?

Pelicana Chicken Malaysia Atria Shopping Gallery

The Fries arrived first.
This worth a special mention. Tasted really good. Would definitely recommend it.

This was a 2 piece Peli Original Crunchy with rice. Juicy and soft.
It came with a separate packet of sauce. The yellow sauce is quite good too.

Pelicana Chicken Malaysia Atria Shopping Gallery

Then we tried the Peli Original Yang Nyeon Chicken. Sweet! Just suited our taste bud nicely.

Pelicana Chicken Malaysia Atria Shopping Gallery

Before we forget, as shown in the photo, a small portion of seaweed salad with radish was served as side dish. You should not miss that. I would even order it if it wasn’t serve as a side dish next time.

The rice, oh, the rice.
If only all our restaurant know how to cook such rice. Korean fragrant rice with black sesame. Makes you want to go for a second helping.

A restaurant you should definitely visit if you like fried chicken

Pho Viet, Atria

I guess all of us in Petaling Jaya remember the old Atria Shopping Centre. An landmark in the old days.

Recently a friend told me that it has reopen its door. Cool. Time for a visit.

I expected it to be something similar to the old set up, not realising how wrong I was.

It is simply a food heaven now. From one end to the other, it has all kind of shops serving food. Japanese, Vietnam, Korean, Western, tit bits ….. you name it, probably you can find it. In fact, there are still so many empty lots that are still vacant.

As we are spoilt for choices, we simply pick one which seems inviting (the smells of its food wafting around was what attracted us).

Pho Viet, Atria

Incidentally, there was already a long queue outside.

Pho Viet, Atria

But everyone seemed contended waiting.

Pho Viet, Atria

Finally it was our turn to order and taste the inviting meal.

Pho Viet, Atria

Beef Noodle soup.
I like the taste of the soup. Not too salty. Just tasty enough. Not too thick.
My only gripe: The chef could have slice the meat better. Sometimes they cut the meat wrongly, and some pieces come out quite …. tough.

Pho Viet, Atria

Lemongrass Chicken.

Passable. Meat quite tender.

Pho Viet, Atria

This is one of the ‘dry’ version of food instead of those ‘soup’ version.

All the food portion are quite big. Worthy of its price.

Now come the famous Vietnam coffee.

Pho Viet, Atria

It was served this way. The coffee would drip drip drip onto the bottom. You add as much condensed milk as you like.

It taste quite different from local coffee. I would say it tasted more ‘towards’ Nescafe rather than our local ‘traditional coffee’, but definitely Nice!

Secret Love (Korean Drama) 비밀

Yeah. I know I am a bit slow in catching up with 2013 dramas.

secret love 秘密韩剧 korean drama

Wife and Myself started off really disliking this story.
The poor lady was being bullied left right and center. She is being framed (or pushed herself into it, willingly) for a murder she did not commit, framed for a child abuse which she had no knowledge about, and all the unfair business were being piled onto her.

The lead actors are Ji Sung 池城 and Bae Soo-bin 裴秀彬
The lead actresses are Hwang Jung-eum 黄静茵 and Lee Da-hee 李多喜

There came a stage where we couldn’t stand the drama any more, especially around Episode 4. We went to Facebook to ask a friend what was so nice about the drama that it had gotten so many awards, and was the drama all about bullying the poor lady. She told us: Just bear with it, and the storyline would become very interesting.

secret love 秘密韩剧 korean drama

The awards garnered by this drama in KBS Drama Awards 2013:

Top Excellence Award, Actor, Top Excellence Award, Actress, Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseries, Excellence Award, Actress in a Miniseries, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Netizen Choice Award, Popularity Award, Best Couple Award.

Phew. A real mouthful.

The storyline take a turn when the lead actress (Kang Yoo-jung) was released from the prison. More and more interesting as the episodes move on. The amazing acting skills aside, I really salute those who pen this story. Crazy imagination!

secret love 秘密韩剧 korean drama

Yeap. A must watch Korean Drama if you happen to be a fan of such dramas.

First experience with Xiaomi

As my daughter’s phone was stolen during the recent break-in, we need to find a replacement for her.

It was a no-brainer. Definitely Xiaomi. I went straight to Xiaomi’s Malaysia site.

Within five seconds, I have decided on : Redmi Note 4G

I mean, a 5.5″ display with IPS, 13MP rear camera, and a phone with 4G LTE, only selling at RM589, what else can you ask for?
Not something imaginable before the Xiaomi’s era.

The order was placed on 6 Feb 2015.

My only worry was it may not arrive in time for the Chinese New Year holiday, when my daughter definitely will need to use the phone frequently as we travel back to home town.

Lo and Behold. It arrives today on 13 Feb 2015. Fast!

xiaomi Redmi Note 4G

xiaomi Redmi Note 4G

As I bought the screen protector together, the first thing that needed to be done is to attach the film.
Not something I like. It involves a lot of trepidations.
Finally it is done, and time to switch on the phone.

xiaomi Redmi Note 4G

I must say that it looks nice.
Due to its screen size, it is rather bulky to hold.
Though I am not sure how my daughter is gonna hold it, but knowing the current generation, they definitely have no problem handling any device thrown at them. ^_^
Lets hope she will like the Xiaomi’s experience.