Double Parking

Double parking seems to be a sport in Malaysia.

We outdo each other in the way we double-park.

When we run out of different styles, then maybe we triple park.

If you really can’t find a parking space, but you have a “burning need” to get something done, it may be understandable.

But I really detest people who park like this …

double parking

There is obviously a vacant lot there.

Why don’t you just drive into it?

Other people just couldn’t get into this space!

Plain laziness is obviously the answer. He is just too lazy to back the car out.


11 thoughts on “Double Parking

  1. i once signed my name on 3 cars cos they (the 3 of them) blocked the entire in and out space for that lot. I signed in front, the sides, the back but too short to sign on top of the car. I signed with my keys and it looked so pretty.

  2. U know.. the other day when i visited you at the clinic. Some idiot block my car i couldn’t get out. I wait and honk no one came out. Then after about 15 min.. this idiot came out and i asked is that your car. He sommore dare to smile and said sorry sorry why didn’t you honk
    I felt like hammering his head. How irresponsible. To block someone’s car like that.

  3. Worse still if you are in an emergency and you need to move your car immediately and to find that some irresponsible people are blocking your way.

  4. AH! I saw something like this before. I went up to the car, [the driver went into the famous Curry n Assam Laksa shop in OUG to tarpow, his wife was sitting pretty in the passenger seat], knocked on the window, gestured to her to park her car into the spot and gave my very ANGRY LOOK!

    She was so sked, she drove away!


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